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Nnub is a digital community noticeboard. This Nnub is for Moggill, Bellbowrie and surrounds in Brisbane and anyone can post a notice relevant to this locality.

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Added at 8pm, 07.03.14 by Reshma Nevgi

Starting a new business? Need some tips?

How do I find customers? A big question for almost every new start-up. Starting up a new business can be quite a daunting task. First of all it takes a lot of passion, dedication and personal time to get started. Remember not to start a business with money making as your goal. Instead start it with passion of providing service to customers that you are really good at or by providing your target audience a product which they cannot resist. Be prepared for the worst knock backs, slow start or even unforeseen bad market. But don't let these obstacles slow you down. Continue with your best attitude even in the worst situations with a smile and you will find success only a blink away.Apart from being dedicated and passionate towards your business, it is critical to think about how to reach your customers, to tell them that you exist and can cater the best of their expectations. Some basic planning and consistent follow through is required to achieve this. Some handy tips can be viewed here http://blog.creativepalette.com.au/

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Added at 8pm, 28.01.14 by Reshma Nevgi

All new cre8ive Palette at your service


Cre8ive Palette providing expert services in website design, logo design, business cards, office stationery and much more at affordable prices. 

We can also assist with designing personalised invitations e.g. wedding invitations, birthday invitations and all types of greeting cards. 

Contact us today on 0402 710 860 to find out how we can be of assistance to you. 

 Click on the image and scan the QR code to save our contact details on your phone. 



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Added at 12pm, 13.11.13 by R K

Maths Tutoring

I am a current high school Maths teacher who is providing Maths tutoring services in Moggill, Bellbowrie and its surrounding areas.

Please do call 042 345 1141 or email mathsqld @ gmail. com if you are interested.

Thank you.

Categories: classes and tutoring, youth


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Added at 12pm, 18.07.13 by Michael Watts

Consultant/ Educator

Allow me to introduce myself:

I am Michael Watts, I have for a large number of years been educating: Parents, Students, and Teachers. On a range of topics including Alcohol and other drug Issues.

I am available to visit Schools, Agencies or a persons home to educate and discuss issues surrounding these and other topics.

There is a fee for my services and I will discuss this with the person at the time of first appointment.

Topics can be:

Physical,Social, and Mental health

Relationships/ Peer pressure

Alcohol Tobacco and other Drugs inculding information on these topics if required for school assignments

I can be contacted on;

Mobile  0414896136





My email is: ua.ten.ecalpym@leahcim

My phone number is: 0414896136

Categories: classes and tutoring, youth


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Added at 12pm, 25.03.11 by Reshma Nevgi

New website, print media design business in Moggill

Hello there,

I have relaunched my website design and advertising business. 

The details of how i can help your business can be viewed at http://www.creativepalette.com.au

Crea8ive Palette specialising in web design and print media advertising. 

My mission is to build an honest and trusting long lasting relationship with my customers. The ability to create such a relationship is a unique result of everyday work based on words and deeds.

The uniqueness of my services lies in

  • striving to achieve the highest possible standards in all that I do, first in the list being excellent customer service
  • confidence built through several years of experience in the field
  • knowledge gained through keeping abreast with new technologies & higher level studies and
  • insatiable passion for creativity, design and technology.

May it be online or offline… big or small… every job is equally important to me. I am committed to maintaining a rewarding environment in which I can accomplish my company's mission.

I am happy to discuss your requirements and work within your budget

I look forward to working with you.

Warm Regards,

Swapnil Nevgi

 P: 0402 710 860

E: info@creativepalette.com.au

Follow us on:

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/CreativePalette

twitter - @Cre8ivePalette

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Added at 1am, 01.03.11 by Margot Brereton

Moggill/Bellbowrie Neighbourhood Plan 9th March - Talk to a planner

On March 1st the revised draft strategy for the Moggill/Bellbowrie Neighbourhood Plan was released by Council. It can be downloaded from


The consultation period runs until 25 March. Your comments must be received by close of business 25 March 2011.

If you have any enquiries or would like to comment on the strategy you can:

• send an email to neighbourhood_planning@brisbane.qld.gov.au

• call the neighbourhood team on (07) 3403 8888

• write to:Neighbourhood Planning (Moggill/Bellbowrie District) Brisbane City CouncilGPO Box 1434Brisbane Qld 4001

A 'talk to a planner' event will be on 9 March, 5 to 7:30pm at St Catherine's Church, 3346 Moggill Rd, Moggill.


Also Margaret deWit writes...

Following the January flood event, Council have reviewed the draft Strategy for the Moggill/Bellbowrie District and have made changes to the extent of  the area to be classified as Low-medium Density Residential (LMR) around the Bellbowrie Shopping Centre.

The area to the north and to the south of the plaza (Birkin Rd and Sugarwood St) have been removed from the proposed LMR area (ie they will remain Low Residential). The area to the west of the plaza, on the western side of Moggill Road, will continue to be recommended for change to LMR.

The reviewed Strategy also clearly states that flooding will continue to inform all planning undertaken by Council, and that as new information about the types of flooding (river, creek, storm, overland flow, etc) come to light, Council will continue to use this to further inform planning outcomes.

An updated, reprinted Draft Strategy will be delivered to all residents and land owners shortly so keep an eye on your mail.



Previous post on the plan...



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Added at 11pm, 28.02.11 by Margot Brereton

Recent press commentary on Moggill Ferry and Bridges

(Photo - The Moggill Ferry after breaking away during the Jan 2011 flood - thanks to Flickr:bushrestaurant)

There have been several recent articles in the press about the potential for bridge crossings at the Moggill ferry and Colleges Crossing to prevent route closures due to heavy rainfall and water releases.

It is well worth the community considering this. Forward planning and consideration of all the options is the best approach to finding a good solution to this issue and preventing kneejerk solutions from being promised near election times. (Remember the Goodna Bypass.)

If you have thoughts, including on the best way for the community to go about such a process, please: 

Make suggesions here or at


Email moggill@nnub.net

or write to Queensland Main Roads Minister Craig Wallace, who is examining the issue.



Is this the end for the Moggill Ferry? - (Brisbane Times 15th Feb 2011) http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/is-this-the-end-for-the-moggill-ferry-20110214-1atke.html 

Moggill bridge? 'No thanks,' says councillor - Brisbane Times 16th Feb 2011) There are lots of ideas about potential solutions here.



Moggill Ferry may be replaced  (Moreton BayJournal 17th Feb 2011)



Government considers future of Moggill ferry (ABC news 15th Feb 2011)



And thank you and well done Greg and Frank for saving the Moggill Ferry during the floods -- the Moggill Ferry Heroes (Queensland Times, 26th January)


The Moggill Ferry in 1928http://www.moggill.nnub.net/notice/show/3003



Tagged: Recent, press, commentary, moggill, ferry, Bridges, nnub

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